Query Assistant

This page allows for assembly multi-term queries where each term describes a condition for a specific field.

Example: search for documents where the sample description contains the word "copper" or "Cu" and the grouping is "ILIAS UKDM" by:

  1. selecting "sample.description" from the "field" dropdown,
  2. selecting "contains" from the "comparison" dropdown,
  3. entering the word "copper" into the "value" textbox (do not deselect the "include synonyms" box),
  4. pressing the "AND" button,
  5. selecting "grouping" from the "field" dropdown,
  6. selecting "equals" from the "comparison" dropdown,
  7. entering the phrase "ILIAS UKDM" into the "value" field, and
  8. pressing the "search" button.

As terms are added to the query, the previously added terms are displayed above the query creation boxes in the "current query" section. Once the search is pressed, the final query is displayed below the creation boxes in the "final query" section and the results are displayed at the bottom of the page as a list of summaries. To view more details on an individual document in the results list, click on its summary. Click on the summary again to hide the full document.




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